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Solar Power is a cost effective, non polluting, noiseless alternative to generator power. Power available from 400 to 50,000 watts or more!!

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  • Solar Powered Mobile Skate Park
  • Solar Powered Mobile Club
  • Solar Powered Mobile Restraunt
  • Solar Powered LED Wall & Billboard
  • Cross Pomotion & Advertising
  • Temp Sustainable Material Buildings
  • Custom Features using Eco Materials

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Power Of Green L.A. Get The Message Out!

Located the nation’s entertainment capital Power of Green LA, a US subdivision of Five Points Youth Foundation, supplies Inner City Community with free Green curriculum for its schools, private education centers and non-profits along with providing free education on renewable technology and job training. With a central focus on inner city development, Power of Green is currently conducting a multi-city tour of Inner City U.S. implementing these programs. Programs implemented in Los Angeles & Norther California were a great success, and continue to services as many communities as possible around the Nation.

Our Values
We feel it is important to view Renewable Energy other Sustainable Technologies as something that everyone should have access too. In large cities, it is vital for commercial enterprises to work with the community to create sustainble futures.
Professional Guidance

Our Volunteer Engineers, Designers, Entertainment Pros and Specialists remain on the cutting edge of Clean technology, consistently creating new growth in the field worldwide. Our mentorship programs benefit from Advance Experience from, not only, volunteer Pro Staff, but also from commerical enterprises all over the United States & International.

Award Winning
1st Solar Powered Music Video on the planet, 1st Solar Powered Major Media Award Show, 1st Solar Powered Hip Hop Radio Broadcast (and Internet), 1st Solar Powered Music Studio, 1st Solar Powered professionally released audio product. The HMMA Awards media was Solar Powered by us and aired on BETA TV to over 25+ Million viewers last year.
What You Can Do
Its not going to happen overnight, but there are many people who are working around the clock to create solutions, provide information and work with communities improving our interaction with the Environment. Health is a very big issue, especially for Low/No Income Families and Individuals. Green & Health go hand in hand, whether providing places to grow urban farms or creating affordable energy for people to use in their lives. Join us in a greater vision for all!
Emergency Response
Power of Green is also working to expand its Black Crow emergency response team within US urban areas, offering SERT, Red Cross and Clean Technology training. Making sure each Community in America has a back-up Energy & Food System is vital during these turbulant times. Some of the after effect of Sandy could have been avoided if the people themselves were aware of how to provide their own Emergency Response. Government Response is not always able to cover.

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