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Solar Power is a cost effective, non polluting, noiseless alternative to generator power. Power available from 400 to 50,000 watts or more!!

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  • Solar Powered Mobile Skate Park
  • Solar Powered Mobile Club
  • Solar Powered Mobile Restraunt
  • Solar Powered LED Wall & Billboard
  • Cross Pomotion & Advertising
  • Temp Sustainable Material Buildings
  • Custom Features using Eco Materials

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We manage your project to make sure that your deadlines are met within your budget guidelines. We are here to ensure you have a successful, professionally run Event or Production, without the hassle and additional workload.

Teri Adaju, Director of POWER OF GREEN, specializes in conceptualizing, coordinating and executing customized business-to-business Conferences, professional Meetings, Seminars, Film & Audio Production, Festivals, Private parties and Events across industry sectors. Some of the world's top organizations around the world have turned to her to plan, program and execute their most important professional events.

With more than two decades of experience in business-to-business marketing and event management, and a broad network of partners and preferred vendors, our team provides the expertise you need for every aspect of professional meeting planning and conference production
Pre-Production & Marketing
Think Outside The Box - Event Goals and Objectives Design & Planning of Production Elements, Budget, Site Plan,Permitting Process, Volunteers, Committees, Support Staff, Development of Advertising and Publicity Plan, and Follow-up Analysis and Recommendations
Social Marketing
With a team of Entertainment Marketing Pros, we are able to deliver fast & efficient results in Social & Internet Marketing. Many of our Celebrities have 1 to 4 Million twitter followers. Our expertise in SEO & Internet Branding makes us a turn-key alternative.
Engineering & Production Staff
Our Engineer & Production Crews have hands on knowledge of Event construction and Solar/Wind Power mechanics.
Film & Audio Production
Our state of the Art "all in" Solar Film Production units & equipment allow you to go on location anywhere! Our Mobile Recording & Talent RV's provide inspiration while creating your Album.
Eco Building for Events
Turn your event into eco building fun for the kids or a unique venue for your theme. Our professional sustainble building volunteers can build on site and also create an amazing Childrens Zone!
Concessions & Catering

    Delicious and Sustainably Produced Catering
    We are proud to feature Art N' Food, "Food Service for a Sustainable Future," as our in house provider. We also provide Concessions for merchandise & more!

For events looking to reduce their carbon footprint, use less resources, and create a more active green message to media and the public, there are now a number of options and solutions that can be integrated into your production. On site renewable solar power options, from small to large - Solar powered light towers with LED lights - Other High Efficiency LED lighting options, which will run on solar - Solar powered cell phone and device charging stations - Energy production and efficiency consulting - Eco-education examples and materials for the public - Holistic greening initiatives for overall environmental impacts of events - Waste reduction and diversion, composting, recycling and education - Filtered water stations for elimination of single use water bottles and the garbage that it makes.

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